Monday, November 8, 2010

So its been a year

Ok - not quite a year since my last blog but, meh, its my blog right? I let it go mostly cause I was super busy and distracted with other things. Oh and not so good on the new years resolutions but we will revisit that at the official end of 2010.

High points so far this year - lots of travel - Hawaii, Arizona, Japan. Way too much time in Hawaii. I think it was five trips this year. So over that. Japan was fun - so much so that I may be seeing more of it in the near future.

So back to the mundane. Finally feeling human again - I spent a week in Japan for work and coming home I picked up some sort of bug - personally I am calling it a Japanese superbug - basically it was foreign to me and it hit me hard. I normally can take some cold drugs and work through almost any illness but not this one. No - this one was an on your back, in bed, lose all touch with reality cold. I swear I only vaguely remember this past week. I attempted to go in to work on one day but that only lasted a few hours - then back to bed. So the only problem with this - Japan is 13 hours ahead. So I came home adjusted to Japan time - then promptly got super sick and my body demanded sleep when it wanted it. So since I was so focused (or should I say lack of focus) on just giving my body what it needed to feel human again, I have not changed timezones. So now that I feel human again I apparently am still on Japan time. Yep - up all night. Today is going to really suck. But at least it will suck because I think I can finally force myself to stay awake to change my body clock instead of succumbing to the fog of the cold from hell.

On the plus side I did a lot of reading when I wasn't passed out, which was kind of nice. Not a lot of knitting because I couldn't manage much focus - but I did knock out a square for a blanket I am contributing to - simple garter stitch on size 3 needles - I could handle that - very mindless. Wow, can't believe I am thinking how big size 3 needles are :) actually it was the yarn that made the difference since this has been the year of lace. I have been making a lace shawl this year with laceweight - its like knitting with thread - but I have found I enjoy lace because it challenges the mind. But no lace this week. Too foggy in the head.

I want to see if I can get back to my blogging. Lots is about to happen - nothing I want to share until the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed - but it promises to give me some good blogging fodder if for nothing else than to preserve some pretty cool memories.

How about a picture to close it off?

This is a very rare picture - I actually had my friend take it of me which I almost never allow - I am a complete behind the camera kind of girl. But something about the wind and the cold and the fact that I love this new jacket made me feel like getting my picture taken. This is me on the Sea of Japan - it was my first time seeing it and I was seriously impressed. It was a chilly, windy day and the sea was temperamental but not too angry, but I can see where it probably gets fierce during the winter. It was an amazing site and I think I fell a little in love with it. I can't wait to see its many moods (ok - thats sort of a hint of things to come)

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