Thursday, July 3, 2008

Starbucks Swap Questionnaire

1. Full name (prefer not to post on blog)
2. Ravelry ID Chloecat262
3. Email address (also prefer not to post on blog)
4. Blog address (if you have one) here you are so look in the address bar :)
5. Handmade item you desire in the swap (bag, cup cozy, etc.) Surprise me!
6. Starbucks item you desire (gift card, mug, beans, etc.) A mug if possible - I am collecting the City mugs. I have NYC and Waikiki
7. Favorite Starbucks beverage/bean - Venti Nonfat Latte
8. Favorite snack food - Chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, nuts, fruit, cheese
9. Favorite color(s) - purples and blues, pink - oh heck I like em all!
10. Favorite fragrance - Samsara by Guerlein
11. What types of things do you like to knit? lace, socks, bags
12. Do you spin? yes - I am addictd
13. Do you dye your own yarn? - yes - also addicted
14. Favorite yarns - I am having fun exploring yarns - honestly altough I have knit since I was 16 I only recently discovered real yarn!
15. Favorite needles - I love my harmonies and my Addi's
16. Do you have any allergies? nothing of any concern except guinea pig. I can't share a building with guinea pigs for more than 20 minutes before I start having trouble breathing. I know, its weird. However, unless they now make guinea pig yarn I don't think this is an issue. But really, I probably shouldn't ever have guinea pig yarn.
17. Would you be willing to prepare an angel kit if necessary? Yep
18. Do you have any special requests? Yes please - a postcard! We are collecting Postcards from friends we havent met yet.
19. Do you have any pets? Yep, one dog now, another probably coming in a few weeks.
20. Is your home smoking or nonsmoking? nonsmoking

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