Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hogwarts Knit A Long

So I actually did cast on for the Knit A Long of the Dream Swatch Head Scarf but I gotta admit I don't love it. 
Actually, I do like the pattern but it is much to wide for me to use for my hair. And I love the way the yarn is striping - this is my own Kool Aid dyed handspun. I think I may frog it and redo it in half the width. The colors do rock though. I may save this skein for a hat or a scarf. I have some leftover pink that I just finished spinning which I will probably use instead although I am not so sure about pink with my henna red hair. I am so indecisive. But I also have so much to do anyways.  I am knitting Fluke socks out of my Noro I got in the Summer of Love Yarn Swap but hubby really likes the pattern and wants me to knit a pair that he can take to our friend in San Diego when he visits in August, so now I need to finish the sock on my needle, then make a pair out of my skein of Maui Sunset Sereknity. Considering my track record for FOs ........ well if they are for someone else on a deadline I can usually get it done. Oh well, I will just have to decide........later!

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Lavender A said...

Great job with the dyeing, the colors are beautiful! I also think the DSHW is too wide so after I did one with all 24 stitches, 1 tried another with 12 stitches, and now I am trying 18. That seems to me to be the easiest way to get a width I'd want, and it still looks good with fewer repeats. So far I like 18 the best.

Good luck!