Monday, July 14, 2008

A portkey out of town

Well, I decided I needed some supplies and a little foray out of Hogwarts so I took a portkey across the pond to the American witch city of Salem. It was a lovely day spent by myself looking through all the shops. Did you know that Salem has an official witch? Her store was really nice and she even sells wands now. Of course the town was also filled with muggles - its strange how they are able to keep their town and stores out in the open and just confound the muggles by offering "haunted tours" and cheesy witch museums. I was able to buy some needed herbs, a new book, and some pretty stones. But mostly I enjoyed just wandering on my own for awhile. It was unusual though in that I must have had a "talk to me" vibe, or maybe I didn't look like a muggle tourist, because all the shopkeepers wanted to talk to me. I had interesting conversations with so many people! The most interesting was in one of the "real" shops the shopkeeper stopped me to ask a question and prefaced it with "I am sure you wont know but I am going to ask anyways". He wanted to know where he could buy a chicken - as in a live chicken - because he wanted to keep a pet chicken, like he had as a child. Ok - not what I expected but you know something, I do know where to buy chickens. So I told him where he can find chickens. Turns out he also does divination. Got me thinking how did he know out of all the tourist customers in his store that I would know where to get a chicken. hmmmmm - makes you think! 

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