Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hogwarts Happenings

Its Emma here - just thought I would drop a post about the happenings at Hogwarts. its been quiet since Quidditch - but then again I have been so busy with all my homework! Well, tomorrow is a day off thankfully. I am going to look at my stash to see if I have anything to use for the knit along. It sounds FUN. 
Happy Fourth everyone - apparently this is some kind of muggle holiday with lots of good fireworks. I hope they have some of the Weasley fireworks - they are the best!

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Tia said...

Oh, my God!!! You were far too good to me. Thank you so much. I loved all of it, and I am sure Dega will just devour the people cookies. I love love love it! I have no access to the net at home due to laptop issues, but I promise a full glowing praise post as soon as I can.

The Andes mints are my FAVORITE, and I ate all of them in about 5 minutes.