Saturday, July 5, 2008

Well - I am a chick after all

And we gals like changing things around sometime. Right? So I played around with my template and picked a new one. I actually wish I had the time to really do things right with my blog - you know not just rely on the premade templates and items Google provides - but with my life its just not going to happen. So until I get really inspired and have lots of free time when I don't feel like knitting or spinning then I will just play with what Google blogger provides.

So last night I actually went to the LYS for knitting group. Its rare that I can make it and I was stoked to see our hostess, the fabulous designer SleepyEyes, ws going to open the store just for the group on the holiday. So off I went and had a fabulous time. Being surrounded by men all the time both at home and at work it was nice to be just girls for a few hours. I am going to try to move this activity higher up in my priority list because it was a much needed break from testosterone. I didn't get home until 10 and into bed until 11 - which for me is unheard of to be up so late. So when I woke up this morning and looked at the clock and saw 7:45 I about fell out of bed! I usually am up by 5 to get in a few minutes of quiet time before the boys get up. But since I slept so late DH was already getting my son dressed to take along on DH's usual Saturday morning garage sale search. So this means a few hours of complete alone time in my own house! So mind you I just realized I am sitting here drinking my coffee with Clifford the Big Red Dog on the tv. Shows how much I pay attention to tv and how much I am used to having PBS as background noise in my life. I am also sitting here thinking "what to do with my time" but sadly I am also remembering I need to do some cleaning and I have to put in a couple hours of work to get some documents reviewed before Monday. Well - that is so waiting until they return. I am so not wasting some peaceful spinning time. Oh and I can wash more wool!

Speaking of wool - so after my experience cleaning my Cormo I caved and bought another fleece. I bought Kathy2 from Cormo Sheep and Wool Farm. I am well set now for wool for quite some time. Seriously, though, I really am enjoying the process of cleaning the Cormo. So different from the other fleece. I am doing small batches but it is so easy that I don't mind doing a little bit each day and I expect to finish the first fleece this month. I also think I may be able to start spinning some tomorrow as I expect to finish my current skein today. I am trying to maintain spinning monogamy otherwise I will have half-spun bobbins everywhere. I can't wait to see the Cormo spun up!

Well - time to enjoy my coffee and my quiet morning!


Cressida Townsbury said...

Quiet time at home is great, I am hoping to beat everyone home tonight for an hour or two of it myself!
Have a great weekend!

Tia said...

Did I tell you how much I love love love my package? I swear, Dega is going to eat all the people!