Saturday, July 26, 2008

What - summer is half over?

Where in the world does the time go? Its been a very busy week here in the Quality Chick household. I cannot believe July is almost over. Sigh. its so depressing to see school supplies in the stores. 

Last weekend we had a wonderful time at the Coco Key Water Park at the Sheraton in Danvers, MA. The hotel is about a 30 minute drive from the house making it quite handy. We booked one night on one of the hottest days of the summer. It was perfect. I have to rave for a few minutes here about the hotel and water park. Everyone at the hotel was super nice. We were even able to get our room when we arrived at 11am - well before standard 4pm check in time. When you book a night you two full days access to the water park. The rooms were quite impressive and even had a small kitchenette. Its obviously a great family hotel. After we settled in we headed over to the indoor water park. Its not as big as an outdoor water resort but still big! It had a kiddie pool with slides, a medium sized multi-slide area, and a big monster slide area, along with a small pool and a lazy river. Young one, being short, was able to go on all but the big monster slides. We all had a ball getting wet and trying to avoid the big bucket water drop. It was even fun just sitting in the kid pool watching Young one make friends and slide the little slide.  We ended the evening at the arcade playing skee ball and other fun games for tickets. The next day it was back to the water park and more wet fun. I honestly have to say this was one of the Master Card moments -you know - room $200, food $40, watching your little guy grin ear to ear as he splashes with you and you sit having a great family weekend -priceless! Truly worth every dime. I would highly recommend this hotel for a local staycation. In fact, we are making plans to go again this winter.

But, Monday things came crashing down. Monday was DH's birthday. We had planned dinner and all that but Young one came down with a cold (we knew it was coming on) which true to form turned into an ear infection. He is like me - ear infections come on quick and hard. Sure enough, in the time it took for DH to drive Young one home from school, the infection hit. Fortunately we have a great pediatrician and we had Young one in the dr within hours. The good news is that none of this was caused by the water play. It would have happened regardless, which we figured. We were also finally able to get a referral to a specialist to have Young one's ears looked at to try and sort these out for good. I have a long history of ear infections that we finally attributed to allergies. Since starting allergy shots I have been ear infection free. That may not be the cause for Young one, but it is nice that we have finally established enough of a trend to get him into my ENT specialist. So now we wait a week and start the whole process of finding out how to get rid of the routine ear infections. So, needless to say, DH did not get a birthday dinner. 

The rest of the week has been work and trying to make sure Young one gets his medicine. He is good about it but apparently this stuff is yucky. It is a small battle twice a day but we manage. Work has also been crazy busy. I found out I probably have to go back to Hawaii in September for 2-3 weeks. I love going to our worksite in Hawaii but I am not looking forward to being away from my family for that long - especially as I will leave right after they get back from their three week trip to California. And even though I will be in Hawaii, it is not a Hawaiian vacation. These trips are hard work, 12 hour days and lots of walking and climbing in steel toe boots. This trip I have to climb the high stairs which I couldn't master last trip. They are scary - about 80 feet up on open grate. I think I am going to a hypnotist before the trip. 

In my free time (what is that) I am trying to actually finish knitting some socks for our friends birthday. Hopefully I will make it. I also am staring at the gorgeous Cormo fleece I got from Cormo farms. I need to post the pictures soon. Not sure when I will start cleaning that up! Maybe that will keep me busy while the family is gone. All I know is I am all set for winter spinning. I have started spinning up my cleaned Cormo but it is slow going. I am combing the locks and spinning from the locks. I think I will do about three skeins this way before going to the drum carder. It takes a while to prep the fiber like this but it is turning out soft and pretty. 

Well enough for now!

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