Friday, July 11, 2008

I think this will qualify as a favorite summertime memory!

So there is a little contest in the Summer of Love Yarn Swap: 
For this contest, I want you to blog about your favorite Summer time memory. It can be from this year, years past, or from your childhood. You can even include a picture!!!

I have many wonderful summer memories. I loved summer! Mostly because every summer my dad would take four weeks off work in August and we would get in the camper/motorhome and drive. We went all over the country and I was lucky enough to see so many places and experience so much! Not to mention just the good quality family time.  This year my dad is taking my son for his first motorhome trip.  I am so very glad for both my dad and my son that they get to share this experience - although its going to be so very hard for me to be away from my son for two whole weeks! I will post for consoling when the time comes. 

But I added a new summertime memory last night. It was a perfect summer night - not too hot or humid. So we were outside and my son was playing with his best friend who is our neighbor. My husband decided to water the lawn ...... so the boys of course decided to run in the sprinklers! It was such a joy to watch!

Are those not happy faces! I remember running in the sprinkler. It was a nice reminder that as a child we had that kind of complete joy from such simple things. Hmmmm - I think I need to go run in the sprinklers!  This is going down as a favorite summertime memory!

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Eleanor said...

I think playing with the hose and the sprinkler were my summertime favourites as a kid too :)oh and running after the whippy van *lol* - thats the ice cream truck incase you dont call them Mr Whippy over there ;)